Healthy & happy team members
perform better.

A platform to support the well-being and transparency of your team wherever you work.

Your day in Awaere

Set focus

At the beginning of your day, set your goals, short and concise. No long report necessary. Since, it’s not easy to talk spontaneously about well-being, Awaere asks you every morning how you are doing.


During the day, see what your team members are up to in the team goal overview. Help your colleagues by sharing your knowledge, or ask advice from the team.


At the end of your day, shortly reflect on your goals and indicate the status. To ensure you disconnect, Awaere will ask how you experienced your day and collaboration.

What you can expect from Awaere

Healthy at home

We spend a large part of our day at work. Therefore, it is important to feel well and communicate about how you’re feeling.

Transparent teams

Working at the same desk, transparency is evident. When working remotely, you need to find a way to share knowledge and indicate when help is needed.

Insightful management

When working remotely, it is harder to be aware of the well-being of your team and its members.

People value Awaere because...

Our promise

We value your privacy

We are committed to protecting your data and privacy rights. We have built in multiple controls to ensure your data remains secure, including data encryption.

Guided by our users

We build our product in close collaboration with our users. By frequently collecting feedback and letting users vote on the most valuable new features we ensure that Awaere optimally connects to their needs.

Developed with love

Our team works on the platform with great passion. The positive atmosphere and the happy-to-help mentality are qualities that define us. Team members are encouraged to step out their comfort zone once in a while, because this helps us to learn the most.

Open access

We strive to make our product easy and intuitive to use for all our users. By offering a free version, Awaere is open for everyone who wants to be supported in the challenges of remote working.